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The AC Aceca is an amazing car to drive if you can keep it on the road and going forward. I love driving the car but I know very little about what goes on under the bonnet. Yet I’m often asked very technical questions about valves, pistons, tyre rims etc. All very boring to me but I know many car enthusiasts are keen to know the technical specifications of the Aceca. So I hope the following details satisfy the keenest of AC followers. It is only a small part of the detailed specifications required to enter the Mille Miglia and to obtain a FIVA certificate.

AC Cars Ltd Chassis No AEC56
  • Make:
  • AC (automobile)
  • Model:
  • Aceca
  • Mode of power:
  • Petrol
  • Year built:
  • 1954
  • Registration number:
  • VPL 441
  • Registered:
  • Hampshire, UK
  • Chassis number:
  • AEC56, located on engine bay bulkhead
  • FIVA Number:
  • 100FRN255 ID 087034
  • Body type:
  • 2 door coupe
  • Wheelbase:
  • 2286mm
  • Front track:
  • 1270mm
  • Rear track:
  • 1270mm
  • Length:
  • 4064mm
  • Height:
  • 1321mm
  • Weight:
  • 890kg
  • Tyres:
  • 185 x 16 Front, 185 x 16 Rear
  • Engine:
  • Front, in-line, displacement 1971cc
  • Engine type:
  • Bristol, number 100B 3802, (double overhead camshaft) liquid cooled
  • Engine configuration:
  • 6 cylinders, 2 valves per cylinder, cylinder bore 66mm, engine stroke 96mm, 105 bhp
  • Transmission number:
  • B WCR13 301, 4 forward gears, rear-wheel drive, final drive through shaft
  • Suspension:
  • Same front and rear, independent, leaf spring, telescopic shock absorbers
  • Brakes:
  • Front – Original drum type with hydraulic actuation
    Rear – Original drum type with hydraulic actuation
  • Body:
  • Original aluminium with restored ash wood frame
  • Body colour:
  • Originally dark blue, then sprayed ‘bluebird’ blue for Donald Campbell. Painted black in 1980’s then restored to ‘Bluebird’ blue, using original K7 paint in 2018
  • Fuel capacity:
  • 75 litres
  • Fuel pump:
  • Lever arm lift
  • Carburettor system:
  • 3 Solex, type B 32P B17
  • Modifications:
  • Only the addition of an extra electric fan in engine compartment

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