AC ‘Bluebird’ Ownership History

Fifteen Owners Since 1954

The AC ‘Bluebird’ has had fifteen owners since 1954. During that time VPL441 has been used for touring, hill-climbing, sprint racing, commuting and at times it has been totally neglected.

From 11th August 2014 Kevin Shilling Ownership

Kevin Shilling

Hampshire, UK

Car was used for sprint racing at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, including the annual Easter Sprint and the ACOC Sprint.

Newmarket Road Sign

2014-08-11 to 2008-06-30 Mr D. Stone

Mr D. Stone

Leicester Road Sign

2008-06-30 to 2006-05-24 Mr J. Peskett

Mr J. Peskett

Baldock Road Sign

2006-07-01 to 2003-07-12 Mr J. Duncan

Mr J. Duncan

Car not used, kept in storage

Burgess Hill Road Sign

2003-07-12 to 2002-09-06 Mr P. Cox

Mr P. Cox

Altrincham Road Sign

2002-09-06 to 2000-11-16 Mr K. Hawes

Mr K. Hawes

Newport Road Sign

2000-11-16 to 1985-03-30 Mrs S. Nickless

Mrs S. Nickless


Believe the car was used for hill climbing events.

Newton Abbott Road Sign

1985-03-30 to 1965-01-14 Mr P. Fitzwarryne

Mr P. Fitzwarryne


Extensive repair work was done at this time.

London SE3 Road Sign

1965-01-14 to 1964-04-01 Mr N. Bowen

Mr N. Bowen

London N20 Road Sign

1964-04-01 to 1963-12-02 Mr T. Simmons

Mr T. Simmons

London NW3 Road Sign

1963-12-02 to 1963-06-10 Mr J. Sturge

Mr J. Sturge

London SW1 Road Sign

1963-06-10 to 1962-09-07 Mr D. Meynell

Mr D. Meynell

Lewisham Road Sign

1962-09-07 to 1960-09-05 Mr D. McEwan

Mr D. McEwan

Ipswich Road Sign

1960-09-05 to 1956-12-21 Mr R. Hawker

Mr R. Hawker


Thames Ditton Road Sign
AC Bluebird outside AC Cars Ltd at Thames Ditton

1956-12-21 to 1954-11-08 AC Cars Limited

AC Cars Limited

High Street, Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

It was during this period that the car was used regularly by Donald Campbell. The longest period he is known to have used the same car before changing models.

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