AC Bluebird Soundtrack

AC Bluebird has experienced many decades of music and I often imagine what previous owners would have listened to on the car radio as they drove along. Donald Campbell would probably have listened to opera and sung along with Verdi’s Rigoletto “La donna e mobile” as he drove to the Lake district. Other owners would have enjoyed the Beatles or maybe some classic blues. Recent owners like Mr D Stone of Newmarket might have relaxed to folk songs about horse racing and Mr J Peskett of Leicester would probably been into heavy rock bands like Black Sabbath from the Midlands.

So trying to compose music to capture the spirit of AC Bluebird is difficult. But Rupert Cobb, of Gun Hill Studios, and his good friend Peter Van Hooke, the drummer for so many top rock icons, including Van Morrison, has created the ideal soundtrack for AC Bluebird. The soundtrack is rich in nostalgic hints of the past, music of the fifties and early sixties filters through. But the soundtrack is also very now, today, vibrant, energetic, exciting, inspiring. Just like AC Bluebird!

The Fall and Rise of AC 'Bluebird'

By Kevin Shilling

The book about how a global star became a farmyard wreck – then, thanks to a full restoration, rose again onto the international stage.


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