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Land Speed Records by Don Wales

‘Land Speed Records’ Revisited

Time at Christmas and the third Lockdown meant that I revisited some of my books on Donald Campbell and other land speed legends. Whilst there are many excellent books available, especially Neil Sheppard’s ‘Bluebird and the Final Record Attempt’, I gravitate toward a compact book by Don Wales, simply called, ‘Land Speed Records’. The book […]

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AC Bluebird after Goodwood sprint 31st October 2020

Sloshing Goodwood Win

The final Sprint Race for AC Bluebird was on Saturday 31 October. A very wet and windy day, and I missed having Little Dave, Neil F and Porsche Colin there to support me, but wisely they stayed at home.

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AC Bluebird v Cardiff City FC

A question for you

How could anyone be confused between AC Bluebird and Cardiff City Football Club? One is a high performance sportscar, the other is a second rate soccer team. One has achieved success on the notorious Mille Miglia, the other has never had any success in Italy. One is smooth, efficient and low cost, the other is […]

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AC Bluebird book progress

AC Bluebird book progress

The book about AC Bluebird is progressing and I have been able to discover a lot of information about the car and previous owners. The book has taken me on an amazing journey into the history of AC Cars Ltd and some of the extraordinary people who drove AC Cars. The adventures of the Honourable […]

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AC Bluebird having improvements made to the steering box and an anti-roll bar is being fitted by AC Heritage at Brooklands Motor Company Ltd

AC Bluebird is off to Brooklands

With people being allowed to earn a living again AC Bluebird is off to Brooklands, courtesy of JSW. The car is having improvements made to the steering box and an anti-roll bar is being fitted by AC Heritage at Brooklands Motor Company Ltd. This work is essential before the car competes in the Ennstal Classic […]

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Ennstal Classic postponed

Ennstal Classic postponement

Well, it has been decided, the big beasts of Formula One begin the new F1 season in Austria in early July, but the Ennstal Classic has been cancelled for this year. No surprises I guess and at least AC ‘Bluebird’ does get automatic entry into next year’s event, and we have an extra year to […]

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AC Bluebird and DNA Coachworks

The buck starts here…!

AC Bluebird is featured in a TV programme which will be shown on national TV later this year, and part of the filming process introduced me to DNA Coachworks. The brilliant guys at DNA Coachworks are able to do a digital scan of any car in precise detail and then produce a digital buck of any car. The buck can then be used to repair bodywork.

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