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AC Bluebird crossing the finish line in first in class at Goodwood 2021 ACOC Club Sprint


This year there was no rain at the AC Owners’ Club Sprint Race at Goodwood. In dry conditions I was able to hurtle round the Goodwood circuit in AC Bluebird.

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AC Bluebird Caught on Camera

Caught on Camera

After a brief visit in AC ‘Bluebird’ to JSW in Waterlooville my GoPro Camera was securely fitted and working properly.

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Rallye de Paris 2004

Rallye de Paris 2004

John Duncan was a serious AC owner who had several AC Aces and Acecas. During his ownership of VPL441 he had the suspension tightened and some other minor adjustments done so that he could compete the car in the Rallye de Paris.

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AC Bluebird in the pit lane, Goodwood circuit

Ready to go, waiting for the postman

I can’t wait to get back on the track and the Easter Sprint Race at Goodwood is coming up. The car is ready to go, after doing nothing for the whole of last year. I’m ready to go, having spent a small fortune on a new racing suit, gloves and helmet to comply with Motorsport regulations.

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AC Aceca VPL441 and police car

Zzzzzzzz Cars…

When I started writing a book about AC Bluebird and delving into the history of the car I never expected to find anything sinister.

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Land Speed Records by Don Wales

‘Land Speed Records’ Revisited

Time at Christmas and the third Lockdown meant that I revisited some of my books on Donald Campbell and other land speed legends. Whilst there are many excellent books available, especially Neil Sheppard’s ‘Bluebird and the Final Record Attempt’, I gravitate toward a compact book by Don Wales, simply called, ‘Land Speed Records’. The book […]

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AC Bluebird after Goodwood sprint 31st October 2020

Sloshing Goodwood Win

The final Sprint Race for AC Bluebird was on Saturday 31 October. A very wet and windy day, and I missed having Little Dave, Neil F and Porsche Colin there to support me, but wisely they stayed at home.

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