AC Bluebird at Brooklands Garage
In august company

A recent visit to Brooklands Garage, on the old Brooklands Racing Circuit in Weybridge, was a real eye owner. AC Bluebird is having some suspension and steering work done and needs to be held on a special jig for the precision work to take place.

AC Bluebird on special jig at Brooklands Garage

Steve and Charlie, who run Brooklands Garage, are master craftsmen and have real enthusiasm for AC Cars. My little AC was in the august company of many distinguished ACs. Ken Rudd’s bright red AC Ace was there, which has the original engine taken from AC Bluebird.

Ken Rudd's bright red AC Ace which has the original engine taken from AC Bluebird

Also, the very first Ace built, and displayed in glorious white alongside VPL 441 at the 1954 Motor Show, was also at the Brookland Garage.

AC Bluebird in august company

It’s a very silly thought, but when everyone who works at the Garage has gone for the day and the lights are switched off, if these cars could talk then what wonderful stories they could tell.

The Fall and Rise of AC 'Bluebird'

By Kevin Shilling

The book about how a global star became a farmyard wreck – then, thanks to a full restoration, rose again onto the international stage.


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