AC Bluebird in the pit lane at Easter Sprint, Goodwood 2022
Two Dirty Weekends

AC Bluebird has been out to play over the last two weekends.

At the recent 79th Members’ Meeting at Goodwood AC Bluebird had priority Chicane Parking, and it was here that we met with Kate and Robin Tojeiro. (Robin being the son of John Tojeiro, who designed the AC Aceca.) Kate was excited about seeing the car and I think she would have taken it for a drive if I’d given her the car keys.

Kate Tojeiro in AC Bluebird - 79th Members Meeting, Goodwood 2022
Kate Tojeiro enjoying AC Bluebird

The Members’ Meeting was amazing and I still think it is the best of all the events at Goodwood. It was especially good to see Charles Rainsford, racing a Nash Metropolitan, come from last place at the start to finish second in the Sopwith Cup. While others crashed and sent dirt and bits of car flying, Charles was consistent and focused.

AC Bluebird racing through the chicane a Goodwood during the Spring Sprint 2022

Easter Weekend saw AC Bluebird on the track at the annual Spring Sprint Race. For me it was a chance to get the car moving and to blow away the winter cobwebs. I never expected to win anything and I didn’t, but the camaraderie is brilliant and it is always great to see a cross section of great cars.

AC Bluebird sparkling for photographers - Goodwood Spring Sprint 2022

AC Bluebird got her usual level of interest from spectators and photographers. One photographer asked me to clean the dirty windscreen before he took a photograph. I wiped the dead flies off the windscreen but the photographer was not happy with my efforts, so he took my Windolene soaked rag and said he could still see dirt. He cleaned the windscreen again and I suggested that he could clean the whole car. But he just handed me a dirty rag and took his photographs. I sat and had a cup of coffee, while AC Bluebird sparkled.

Kevin Shilling sat back having a cup of coffee - Goodwood Spring Sprint 2022

Thanks for great photography from Neil Fouracre, Colin Wynn and the Charles Stout Studio.

The Fall and Rise of AC 'Bluebird'

By Kevin Shilling

The book about how a global star became a farmyard wreck – then, thanks to a full restoration, rose again onto the international stage.


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