Caught on Camera

After a brief visit in AC ‘Bluebird’ to JSW in Waterlooville my GoPro Camera was securely fitted and working properly. Driving home I decided to test how the camera would operate at different speeds. At 85mph all was working well, until a Police Speed Camera van caught me. Damn! That was so annoying. However, I like to think that Donald Campbell would have had a little smile on his face at the speed I was getting out of his old car, and breaking speed barriers at the same time!

The first person to get in touch after recognising the stretch of road I was driving on and roughly the location, will win a load of AC ‘Bluebird’ goodies, cap, jacket etc. Have fun!

The Fall and Rise of AC 'Bluebird'

By Kevin Shilling

The book about how a global star became a farmyard wreck – then, thanks to a full restoration, rose again onto the international stage.


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