AC Aceca VPL441 and police car
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When I started writing a book about AC Bluebird and delving into the history of the car I never expected to find anything sinister. The previous owners of VPL441 were respectable engineers, musicians, doctors, or a World Land and Water Speed Record holder.

I thought I had identified all of the previous owners through the formal documents I received with the car. However, I discovered by chance some interesting correspondence in the car’s extensive files, I followed up by further investigation, and also a conversation with an elderly lady whose husband was driving the car in the late sixties and early seventies. It seems that AC Bluebird (just an ordinary black AC at the time) may have been used on more than one occasion for illegal purposes.

More information will be in my book, which will be published later this year, after it has been edited to protect the guilty! However, in 1969 the Aceca caught the local police napping in Devon and Cornwall and often it out ran their patrol cars. And it did just that, several times.

The Fall and Rise of AC 'Bluebird'

By Kevin Shilling

The book about how a global star became a farmyard wreck – then, thanks to a full restoration, rose again onto the international stage.


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